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Gamca lung scar

22.10.2020 By Doushura

What if you have scar on the lungs? US there any chanceto be fit if the findings are negtive its only scar already? Muhammad Abdullah; Unfortunately there is NO chance to be fit even if its just a history of having scar. Even though it's negative, it is included in infectious disease list.

Thanks for this post. Do you have any idea how long it will take for the medical results to come out? And as a direct hire for Oman, am I allowed to get my medical results? Allan Yasser; I think the standard queuing is 1 week depends, sometime you have to retake some medical areas for clarification or confirmation.

If the clinic provided reconsideration, then its up to your employer to decide if they will declare you fit with waiver or not. Very interesting blog. Alot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that I'm interested in, but I'm most definately interested in this one.

Just thought that I would post and let you know. Angelica; in my honest opinion, it falls under non-infectious category which means unfit, unless your employer sent a waiver that dextroscoliosis does not affect your work. Or perhaps some infectious category from the list should now be remove by GCC countries like history of scar, as it is not infectious disease per se.

No, even if the Lung Center of the Phils. Hi I am applying for a work for UAE.

gamca lung scar

Please do answer me. Thank you. I just had my xray stating that I have a mild blunting of left CP angle, minimal pleural thickenign or effusion. It has the adjectives "mild" and "minimal" though. Can it be waived by my company? Or should I have a medical clearance issued by Lung Center? Yes it can be waived by the company but it will depend on the nature of job your are hired No new Infiltrates seen. What am going to do? Do i need for waiver? Again, depende po sa company na magha-hire sa yo, pwede silang mag-issue ng waiver sa clinic para makapasa ka.

I have a job offer from Bahrain, nagkaroon ako ng TB last but treated na and I have certification na complete ang medication at ok na ako. Yung certification syempre yang back-up evidence mo sa employer mo para bigyan ka nya ng waiver. I have a job offer in bahrain. Is there a chance that i will be fit and be considered by the employer?All rights reserved. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Login with Facebook. Remember Me? By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein.

Mark Forums Read. Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here. Thread Tools. Which airlines do accept waiver? Is there a chance for me to be able to work in middle east? View Public Profile. Find More Posts by obrkcj. You could try but with the amount of fish in the sea at the momentit may not happen. Find More Posts by ab33t. Scar on first right of the chest. Find More Posts by asimqaiser Medical Clearance for work in Saudi Arabia.

Please can you explain me that under the physical disabilities, the lost of one eye sight will be considered as physical disability for somebody to get a medical clearance to work in Saudi Arabia but if the person does not have any problem in vision long and near and no any color blindness. Find More Posts by dgcprasanna. UAE Visa requirements. Find More Posts by Jetaim. Find More Posts by karlenzo Hello all!

I have a qwestion Already I got invitations for job from few Gulf Countries Who know this situation please reply. Thanks a lot! Find More Posts by LarsRiedel. Posting Rules. You may not post new threads. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are Off. Pingbacks are Off. Refbacks are Off.We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Chinese researchers have found fluid- or debris-filled sacs in the lungs of those who were infected by COVID Scans suggest sustained organ damage.

As the new coronavirus generally affects the lower respiratory tract, most of those infected exhibit a dry cough, shortness of breath or pneumonia. Now researchers in Hong Kong have said that recovered coronavirus patients can be left with damaged lungs. A small study of 12 patients discharged from hospital showed that two or three had reduced lung function.

Computer tomography have shown fluid- or debris-filled sacs in the lungs, which may get progressively worse as the illness develops. The findings from Hong Kong confirm very early investigations from Wuhan in early February Lung fibrosis cannot be cured because the scarred changes in the lung tissue do not regress.

But the progression of pulmonary fibrosis can be delayed and sometimes even stopped if detected in time. After all, the body's own immune system has produced precisely those antibodies during the infection that render the pathogen harmless.

Nevertheless, their immune systems reacted to the pathogen and produced the corresponding antibodies. A renewed infection with the new coronavirus is therefore highly unlikely. Current research says the coronavirus family of viruses can survive on some surfaces, like door handles, for an average of four to five days.

Although it hasn't previously been seen in humans and therefore hasn't been studied in detail, experts believe it spreads similarly to other known coronaviruses. A certain degree of caution is called for when eating lunch at your work cafeteria or in a cafe — that is, if they haven't been closed yet.

Technically, coronaviruses can contaminate cutlery or crockery if they're coughed on by an infected person. Should parents fear a possible infection from imported toys?

It's unlikely, say the BfR. As of yet, there are no cases of an infection via imported toys or other goods. Initial laboratory tests show that the pathogens can remain infectious for up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to three days on plastic and stainless steel - especially in high humidity and cold settings. A recent study from the Rocky Mountain Laboratories in the US found the novel coronavirus can survive up to 72 hours on stainless steel and up to 24 hours on cardboard surfaces — in an ideal laboratory setting.

But because the survival of the virus is dependent on many factors like temperature and humidity, the BfR says getting infected from handling the post is "rather unlikely. Experts consider the risk of pets being infected with the coronavirus to be very low. But they can't yet rule it out. The animals themselves show no symptoms, so they don't become ill. However, if they are infected, it is possible they could transmit coronaviruses via the air or via excretions their poop.

As the viruses are heat-sensitive, heating food during cooking can further reduce the risk of infection. Of course, you should thoroughly wash your hands before cooking and eating — and this goes for anytime, regardless of corona!

Research shows they can remain infectious at minus 20 degrees Celsius for up to two years.Aetna is an award-winning insurance business that provides health benefits to more thanmembers worldwide. Their high quality health insurance plans are tailored to meet the individual needs of expats living and working abroad. Get a quote from Aetna International.

gamca lung scar

With 86 million customer relationships in over countries, Cigna Global has unrivalled experience in dealing with varied and unique medical situations and delivering high standards of service wherever you live in the world. Get a quote from Cigna Global. Breadcrumb Home. Will my old TB scar affect my Oman medical fitness assessment for visa?

GAMCA Medical Clearance required by Middle East

Posted by Nati. I have got a job offer in Oman but i have old TB scar but no sickness as i have completed all medication 15 years ago. Right now my sputum and blood result shows -ve result. I can get visa or not? Meagan on 26 Jul - There are stories floating around about people who were declared medically unfit on the basis of such a scar but managed to prove via a particular medical test that there was no active or latent tuberculosis in their system which could get re-activated - and then they were granted the visa.

How true, accurate or useful that story is, though, I can't say. I would advise contacting your prospective employer for advice as they may have experience from navigating the visa system before, or contact the Omani consulate in your country. Regards, Meagan. Anonymous not verified on 26 Jul - Dear Meagan, I would like to thank you for taking your time and reply my question.

Anonymous not verified on 20 Oct - Meagan on 20 Oct - Hey there. What nationality are you? You can check out the list on this page of countries eligible to receive a visitor's visa on arrival in Oman. In this case, you'll need a valid passport and ideally proof of onward travel within a reasonable time frame within two months or less. Anonymous not verified on 21 Nov - Expat Health Insurance Partners Aetna International Aetna is an award-winning insurance business that provides health benefits to more thanmembers worldwide.

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Scar on my lungs whenever I have my chest Xray WinzFred. I undergo medication with streptomycin but not completed it because of poverty.

gamca lung scar

OnI repeat my medication with oral medz for TB but still not able to complete it because of the same reason that time minimal PTB was not sponsored yet by the government. Inthat's the time that I completed my medication for six months with complete DOTS theraphy but oral medz only, complete with rifampicin,isoniazid,pyrazinamide.

But, when I had my chest xray again last Januarythe result is PTB minimal bilateral but sputum smear is negative. Last October 2, is the completion of my treatment because the government has now sponsored it. My question goes like this?

Laser treatment to aid in scar removal

Is it possible that I am totally healed with my PTB since my medication is not stable the first time I was infected. I'm afraid that I will go far as MDR patient, please help me. It is really difficult when your problem is your health.

As of now, I was not able to undergo the chest xray because I am 6 months pregnant. There is an opportunity for a regular position on my career but since this is my situation, a great hindrance to my success.

Answer Question. Read 8 Responses. Follow - 1. I have some difficulty following your description, perhaps because it cover a large expanse of time, 14 year?Sometimes, medical issues can crop up and pose hindrance on the way of career related ambitions.

If you are thinking of bagging a plum job in the Gulf countries, that risk may exist. While the necessity of undergoing extensive medical tests for getting work visa may seem tedious to a section of people, the GAMCA medical examination has not been made mandatory for getting a work visa in Gulf countries without reasons. The countries in the Middle East want to ensure that workers from specific Asian countries get entry to their countries for employment only when they do not carry certain ailments and infections.

There is no denying some Asian countries are known for subpar mass hygiene and higher rates of infectious diseases. If you cannot clear the test, it nullifies your scope of getting a job in the Gulf countries and staying there on work visa forever. It does not take much time to undergo the test and obtain the outcome for an applicant. The candidate should not have any kind of ailments affecting the nervous system or something that can be deemed a neurological disorder.

The candidates are disqualified if they are found to have allergy related ailments too. Under this section, the eye condition of the applicant is checked thoroughly. Any visual deficit is noted.

The candidate should be devoid of contagious eye related ailments and infections as well. The hearing efficacy of the candidate is also checked along with ear related ailments and infections. Extensive health tests are carried out under this section. Major body organs like heartlungs are checked. Blood pressure and skin conditions are also checked in detail at this stage.

Skin related contagious diseases are noted. The candidates are also checked for presence of gland related ailments. Women candidates, if pregnant should be less than 7 months in gestation period. Candidates are also scanned for any venereal ailments. Next, the urine, Stool and blood of the candidates get tested extensively. The liver and kidney function is also tested at this stage.

Along with infectious ailments of certain types, candidates appearing from GAMCA may fail the test if they possess these non-contagious ailments. The reality is once you fail in the test it results in a lifelong ban on you and you cannot apply for jobs in those nations any more. First of all, go through the GAMCA medical test website to get the list of diseases including contagious ones that may make you ineligible for the tests. Then, seek treatment for such ailments found in your body.By proceeding, I accept the Terms and Conditions.

Hello Mr. Khan Thank you for getting in touch with us. From what I make out, your friend has found out by chance that there is a scar in his lungs. I would like to tell you that TB is not the only cause of scarring of the lungs. This needs a thorough and detailed examination.

I would recommend your friend to get in touch with a Doctor immediately and seek consultation.

Scar on my lungs whenever I have my chest Xray

If he has any old Chest X-Ray with him, that can prove to be beneficial as the Doctor can compare both X-Ray s and see if the scarring appeared lately or has been present for sometime. Hope this helped. Coronavirus Doctor Consultation Are you a Doctor? Login Register. Your Name :.

gamca lung scar

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COVID-19: Recovered patients have partially reduced lung function

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