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6mm gt barrel life

25.10.2020 By Arashimuro

SnakeWrangler 50, BOBO the Clown 46, RKHarm24 44, NORML as can be 39, Most Online 19, Feb 5th, Print Thread. Joined: Nov Louis, MO. It has a. But, because it will be a Remage set-up and because I got a good deal on a bolt with a.

I want to stay "small" caliber as this will also be the gun that I hand to the wife and nephews when we head out for deer, hogs, and yotes. I am not going to be doing any benchrest matches. I just like the idea of a low recoil round that is "inherently accurate" and will feed reliably from a standard.

So, with that in mind, would you go with a 6mm GT or a 6. Joined: Sep Snyder, Tx.

All About The 6GT - George Gardner

Joined: Dec Wolfe City, TX. Originally Posted by kmon1. Royse City, TX. Joined: Jun Korean Redneck. Honestly, I have no experience with either and still a huge newb to long range but I've just had a nearly arbitrary fascination with the caliber.

Just seems awesome and those who do shoot it seem to have great results.

One comment that's stuck from alot of 6. Again, with my limited experience, that was the biggest selling point of me. My local range record is held by a 6. Joined: Apr Red River way. Downside is it was primarily designed to run varget which is not easy to come by at the moment. Imo it works best in the weight range bullets.Nightforce has great tracking capabilities, they are rugged, a bunch of elevation, holds zero forever, and reticles are designed for long range shooting.

So if you are looking to shoot long distances constantly, then you need a scope that can take the abuse. Read More. Nightforce is such a solid combo of reticle, available elevation, glass that is good enough to shoot at the longest range you can dial. Nightforce has bullet proof construction that can handle the incidental horse rolling or some other rodeo action. The total package.

6GT Match Ammo

Nightforce is the best I have used as far as turret feel and solid detents. I have never had one that didn't track right on and always return to zero. Nightforce NXS is the best value for everything I need. Forums New posts Search forums.

Articles New articles New comments Series Search articles. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Log in Register. What's new. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Greywolf18 Start date Apr 26, Greywolf18 Well-Known Member. Just thinking 6x47 Lapua vs vs AI in terms of barrel life. I'll be shooting the 87 gr VMax's. Just wondering what kind of barrel life I could get from these.

6mm gt barrel life

Looking at the 6x47 Lapua it looks like it would be as well so just trying to figure out the lifespan of the barrel. Kevin Thomas Well-Known Member. Hey Brian, Barrel life here is really up to you. Not trying to dodge here, but there's so many variables involved here that you're the one who ultimately has to make the call as to when a barrel is shot out.

Certainly, going with a badly overbore extremely low expansion ratio cartridge will tend to aggrivate the problem, but that's not the only consideration involved. Accuracy has always been the deciding factor for me, and it's important to understand how a barrel "goes bad. Most will continue to shoot outstanding groups. Those flyers will become more frequent, and stray further from the group over time.

It's up to you to say when it just isn't worth the hassle for you. For a benchrester, that won't be long. For a Highpower shooter shooting unsupported and usually with iron sightsit may be a bit longer.

For a Silhouette shooter all shots fired offhand it may be a while longer before he even notices the slight degradation in accuracy that marks the end of a barrel. In short, they'll all have different answers, and that's fine.Forums New posts Trending Search forums.

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6mm gt barrel life

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Prev 1 2 3. First Prev 3 of 3 Go to page. Online Training Access. Feb 13, 1, 2, Reactions: Codiekfx Cody S Full Member Belligerents.

Mar 3, 15 Many hunters are still understandably skeptical about it though. Is the 6mm Creedmoor the latest flavor of the week that will fade when the next big fad comes along? Or does it have the staying power necessary to compete with more established 6mm hunting cartridges like the.

Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase. Thanks for your support. The story of the 6mm Creedmoor began in when Outdoor Life columnist John Snow decided to write an article about how to develop a wildcat cartridge. A big fan of long-range shooting, Snow was particularly intrigued by the brand new 6. He eventually decided to use a 6.

During PRS competitions, shooters must quickly engage targets at a variety of ranges all the way out past 1, yards.

Clay's Cartridge Company 6mm GT, 105gr Berger Hybrid Target

The ability to make rapid follow up shots and quickly correct for misses is also extremely important. Shooters also cannot use bullets larger than. For those reasons, flat shooting, medium bore, high velocity up to a pointand mild recoiling cartridges with a long barrel life have a big advantage in these competitions.

Gardner realized that the 6mm Creedmoor fit the bill perfectly for PRS use, so he modified an AR to use the new cartridge. Other shooters took notice of how well the rifle and cartridge performed during PRS competitions that year and began ordering 6mm Creedmoor rifles from Gardner. Demand for the new cartridge rapidly grew during the ensuing years.

However, the cartridge began turning heads in the hunting community. Ruger and Hornady decided to capitalize on growing demand in the United States and began selling factory 6mm Creedmoor ammunition and rifles for the cartridge during Since then, demand for the new cartridge has continued to increase and Browning, Montana Rifle Company, Nosler, and Savage have joined Ruger in producing 6mm Creedmoor rifles. Due to the fact that it uses the 6.

Aside from having very slight differences in their overall length, the only other difference between the 6mm Creedmoor and the 6. The cartridges are otherwise identical up to the shoulder and both cartridges have the same SAAMI maximum pressure of 62, On the other hand, the.

Even though it has the longest case of the bunch, the. All all three cartridges have the same rim.I am going to start this by setting the context. The large majority of rounds fired through this rifle were the Sin City Precision team load. We shoot practical precision rifle matches so some of the shot strings are long up to 20 rounds in a single stage and the barrel gets very hot.

We use our rifles in the manner they were meant to be used, but do not go out of our way to abuse them. We do not often bother with setting a barrel back. We try to keep fresh barrels on our competition rifles and reuse old ones for different projects or just general tinkering.

We also do not bother chasing the lands and adding powder to the case. When we say barrel life, we mean how many rounds your load will shoot before the throat erodes to the point it causes a significant loss in velocity. What is a significant amount of velocity? The velocity loss is enough to cause a miss because your bullets a dropping more than normal.

Both, setting back a barrel and chasing lands will allow you get get more rounds on the barrel. The barrel will eventually die.

Bill let his barrel go a long way and mainly because it still shot well, the velocity loss was not very noticeable. It is also difficult to identify if small changes in DOPE are cause by atmospheric conditions or a velocity loss. I do believe though, the barrel was no longer shooting as consistent then when it was new. What I mean is Bill would shoot 3 rounds. Two of the rounds would be on top of each other, with one slight flier.

He shot multiple 3 round groups and we noticed this with a couple of them. Overall the rifle still shot really well. Despite this, a new one was long overdue. Now for the meaty part, barrel life, barrel life, barrel life.

Everyone wants to think you are going to shoot a 6. I am here to tell you that is not true what so ever. Not in the least bit, not for the type of shooting we do. On average a 6. We have noticed some barrels do better than others and make it past the 2, round mark. We attribute this to the barrel hardness. When cutting them on the lathe you get a feel for the material. Some barrels like Benchmark, Lothar Walther and Krieger are notably harder than others and have better barrel life.

Rock Creek and Bartlein seem a little softer and usually only make it to the 2, round mark. I do want to add all the mentioned barrels exhibit awesome accuracy.

6mm gt barrel life

As you can see from the example we have provided here, the throat is beat. The free bore has been greatly extended, and over the course of its life the load went from jumping 0. New systems are coming along like carbon fiber wrapped barrels from Proof Research and the Straight Jacket system from Teludyne Tech that are supposed to extend the barrel life of these high performance cartridges by removing heat. Which one is better? I have no idea honestly.

I think time will decided which of the two mentioned products, is the real deal. I believe it is very possible they both are the real deal.I am coming up with less than.

Half a thousand indicator is barely moving. Short Action Customs uses Newlon Precision die blanks which are then finished with our custom sizing reamer, designed to offer appropriate sizing for your chamber. Brass is sized ONLY enough for proper function in your chamber. No more overworking the shoulder or body, inducing run-out and stress on your brass.

Sizing dies are then heat treated and left in a natural heat treat finish. For bullet seating, we use the Newlon Precision Micrometer Seating Die blanks which are chambered using our chamber reamer so it matches your chamber perfectly, supporting your brass for proper bullet seating.

First thing you will notice is how consistent your bullet seating is!! Seating dies are left in a natural Stainless finish. Some customers question why the dies cost so much. This is a huge value considering the level of precision and technical achievement. When compared to mass produced "match grade" reloading dies from the big companies, our dies are above and beyond their quality and execution. Close search. Previous slide Next slide. Regular price Sold out. Quantity must be 1 or more.

Sold out. Short Action Customs will be designing and manufacturing all die blanks and parts in house. We are excited to try new materials and heat treat processes which currently have not been avialble in the recent past. Currently all reloading dies are out of stock and on hold until we start production shortly. Please be patient as we formulate new die assemblies made for uncompromising strength, tolerance and finish. As precision rifle builders and precision hand loaders, we are uniquely qualified to make precision sizing and bullet seating dies.

This is because we understand not only how to properly make and chamber reloading dies, but also how the brass should fit into your chamber.Forums New posts Trending Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Feedback View Statistics. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Members Current visitors. Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

Search Advanced…. Thread starter RoterJager Start date Jan 23, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. RoterJager The Red Hunter. Online Training Access. Oct 21, 1, The Frozen Tundra. Looks like the GAP clan is releasing another new cartridge. Alpha will be making the brass. The guys at Breach Bang Clear posted a video on their instagram page. The Dasher alternative. Reactions: Skunkworx. Bender Known Troll Belligerents.

Feb 12, 6, 11, Cheyenne WY. Rookie move with no link. There ya go Bender all fixed. Reactions: Bender. Aug 5, 61 34 How different or better than a 6 creed moor? No idea. I kinda posted this to see if someone who's at SHOT can comment. Supersubes Snafu Belligerents. Sep 6, 4, 2, Rural Nevada. Looks like a 6x47 Lapua to me. I would say the big draw based off the video is Dasher performance without the Dasher issues and prep work.

However, it's all for not if Lapua, Alpha, or anyone else for that matter start producing factory Dasher brass. Reactions: dtraubThePretzel and Bender. RoterJager said:.

6mm gt barrel life

Feb 13, This may explain why Alpha hasn't released dasher brass.